Tuesday, 30 June 2009

I've got it!!

My amazing girlfriend bought me my my first letterpress last night. An Adana 8x5.
Here it is, to the left!!

Thanks to Jeremy for selling it to me!! What a guy. So helpful
and just a generally nice person. He supplied me with the press, quoins, keys, wood type, fancy borders and blocks and some ink!!
I am very grateful!!

Not only was I lucky enough to find one of these sought after machines, I was lucky to get a good amount of wooden type and borders to be starting off with. There is an image of just one set.
All of this for just 210 Queens!! A bargain I think! The Typeface unknown at this moment in time, but I will find out. It all needs a good clean up so that is my plan for Saturday, before I get started with any of it!!

Its all really exciting.
My new venture does actually start out here!!


  1. I've got a similar typeface as well, I've know idea what it is yet either! What a great set up, you where lucky to get all that in one go! I got all inked up last night and tried to print - didn't go to good will post results soon! Already I want a bigger press :( not enough room on a 5x8

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean!!
    I just want my 5x8 for making cards with.

    I have the chance to sell my cards in an interior design shop in Chorley when I'm up and running so it's just for a bit of extra money really!! Until I get a lot more adventurous!!

    I made up my first chase lastnight.
    Not used it yet though as some of the chase holder plate screws are a bit rusted up so its going to hard to get any impressions right until I have sorted that little problem out.

  3. Karl,
    Terrible type. I will come take it off your hands. I know it must be a burden for you.

  4. haha, Signora....

    Nice Try!!
    I'm afraid that I will not part with it!

    As crazy as I am!!!!