Monday, 12 October 2009

Christmas Cards..........continued..............again!!

So. Here they are.
The first few pictures of my Christmas Cards. I have printed 150 so far, 50 in each colour. Keeps it fair.

I need to make a photopolymer plate for my logo as it isn't setable with any ease so I will get round to printing the revers of my cards this week. But, get your orders in guys!!


  1. Just a quick question, Are you Amy's brother?

  2. You sell all your cards yet? Don't forget to save a few for the Christmas card swap - you still up for it?

  3. Hi Helen.
    Yes I am......!?


    And Jax, I still have some and I am up for swapping yeah. I may have to print some more though!! I think I have about 20 left!! I printed 150!!

  4. Hi Karl

    I've linked to your blog on mine.


  5. i have a small printing press similar to the one in your photos, but the rollers are no good, where do i get new ones, help !!

  6. Hi Dave

    is a site that sells new rollers. But it depends on what printer you actually have!?
    Is it an Adana or a Kelsey. Both look slightly similar!

    There are a few companies out there that re-cover rollers or sell new ones.

    Hope that helps!?